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Myths to Live By III


What we all today surely recognize is that we are entering – one way or another – a new age, requiring a new wisdom: such a wisdom, furthermore, as belongs rather to experienced old age than to poetically fantasizing youth, and which every one of us, whether young or old, has now somehow to assimilate. Moreover, when we turn our thoughts to religion, the first and most obvious fact is that every one of the great traditions is today in profound disorder. What have been taught as their basic truths seem no longer to hold. Continue reading Myths to Live By III

Eliberarea de materialismul spiritual II


Calea spirituala este o cale a singuratatii individuale.


In traditia budista, exista urmatoarea formula fundamentala: „Gasesc salvare in Buddha, gasesc salvare in dharma, gasesc salvare in templu”. Gasesc salvare in Buddha ca exemplu de abandonare, exemplu de recunoastere a partilor negative ca element al alcatuirii noastre si acceptarea lor. Gasesc salvare in dharma – dharma „lege a existentei”, viata ca viata. Vreau sa vad viata asa cum este ea. Vreau sa inteleg situatiile Continue reading Eliberarea de materialismul spiritual II