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Walking Away – Rewriting the Script

What happens when we are faced with recurring patterns or characters in our lives and we aren’t sure if we need to shift a situation or even walk away? If we are practicing, how do we know when to make a change? Until you rewrite the script, which could be looked at through the lens of spirituality, physiologically or through patterns, habits or even narrow or myopic vision, the same cast of characters may continue to show up. Often when the same patterns or characters show up, we blame ourselves or others; both reactions can make us feel stuck. While we are judging ourselves and others, we can inquire to notice if an unconscious pattern is behind a particular script. A slight change in our self-dialogue can bring light to a pattern: “oh hey, interesting, a pattern! How are you? I remember you!” to help relieve the endless feeding of a particular role or model. Our seemingly immovable judgments, fueled with personal and cultural morals and ethics, may stay until they are not useful any longer, but we can question them. Judgments are like electric fences, surrounding and protecting what the mind thinks the heart can’t handle…when it can. Practice for me is like a hidden way around the electric fence, so I don’t get shocked as much.  The intention is to develop a new relationship to the judgment, or to whatever shows up when we are feeling stuck. Once our judgments are questioned there is some freedom to feel more and think less, with new eyes. Try starting with questioning the thoughts, quieting and listening. Continue reading Walking Away – Rewriting the Script

Cand imposibilul devine posibil II


In „Taramurile subconstientului omenesc” am relatat ca pacientii mei care urmau un tratament psihoterapeutic cu LSD, aveau adeseori experiente de regresie profunda, in care retraiau amintirea propriei nasteri biologice, simtind emotii puternice si senzatii fizice. Am reusit sa identific patru tipuri de experiente asociate cu acest proces, corespunzatoare stadiilor succesive ale nasterii, si le-am numit matrice perinatale fundamentale (MPF). Continue reading Cand imposibilul devine posibil II

Cand imposibilul devine posibil I


De la prima sedinta cu LSD care i-a oferit o strafulgerare de constiinta cosmica, pana la lucrul lui recent cu Respiratia Holotropica, Stan Groff exploreaza experimente de proiectie astrala, povesti despre sincronicitate, amintiri de la nastere si din viata prenatala, supravietuirea constiintei dupa moarte si multe altele. El este un adevarat explorator al constiintei. Renumit in toata lumea pentru contributiile sale uriase in psihoterapie, si, de asemenea, in paradigma stiintifica extinsa, ce tine cont de dimensiunile spirituale sau transpersonale ale existentei. Continue reading Cand imposibilul devine posibil I

Robert Adams

robert adams

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Yesterday I had a great talk with a “brother in arms”, sort of speak. There are not many people to whom I can talk freely about my spiritual pursues. So, when you find a person who is nuts like you (or more), you cherish them and give them a big hug. 

Talking about Ramana Maharshi and the powerful energy he felt in Tiruvannamalai and Arunachala Hill in january, he also mentioned Robert Adams. When Ramana and Robert Adams met, they kind of recognized the same spirit in each other, no words needed. 

This guy’s name keeps coming in my experience. So now I want to know more. None of his  books  are translated in romanian. 😦 But, “when there’s a will, there’s a way”, they say. Continue reading Robert Adams

Curs de miracole pe intelesul tuturor


Recunosc, am recurs la scurtatura. N-ar fi prima oara. Si acum rad cand imi aduc aminte cum am vrut sa inteleg pentru un proiect la astrofizica Teoria Stringurilor…intr-o noapte…cu String Theory for Dummies, desigur 🙂 Mno, cam asa si acum, Cursul de Miracole pentru To(n)tii care se cred spirituali.

Cine a dat o geana si s-a apucat de uriesenia aia albastra de Curs in miracole, ma va intelege. Iti trebuie vointa si muschi si numai sa o scoti din biblioteca…d’apai sa citesti consecvent, zilnic, cate o lectie sau din Manual. Asa, pe dupa sura, suna bine si totu-i roz. Ba mai exista o carte de introducere in Curs, portocalie, daca groaza persista. Dar tot nu-mi scapa originalul (chiar si pentru simplul fapt ca raman fara picior). Ii vine lui timpul. Pana atunci, o mers si nenea Alan Cohen. Ba chiar am gasit ponturi faine. Continue reading Curs de miracole pe intelesul tuturor

Dying to Know

Este vorba despre o prietenie de 35 de ani, plina de aventuri si cautari. Doi profesori la Harvard care fac teste cu psihedelice si ajung foarte cunoscuti in epoca. Nu stiam de Timothy Leary nimic. De Ram Dass auzisem de la Wayne Dyer, erau prieteni buni. Apoi am vazut un documentar despre Ramana Maharshi facut de Ram Dass.

Timothy Leary si Ram Dass (Richard Alpert). O prietenie ca un dans… un documentar de vazut.


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