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The Plant Teacher

This is great. They’ve put into words most of what I felt too. No bullshit in here. The feeling of oneness, the presence of the intelligence of the plant inside, the divine feminine mother – Gaya, the loving joy… I’ve learned a lot from Her, as Gabor Mate said, and I long to hear the icaros again…

James Fadiman:

“Ayahuasca was fine seeing what people treated each other as long as they killed each other. But when they started killing plants, Ayahuasca said “This is not correct!” and the peculiarity of the teacher plants, and we know that there are more than one, but Ayahuasca is the one we know best, tobacco is another. But these are the plants who were given the job of dealing with us. And I bet that they didn’t ask for it. I have this imagining of the congress of the plants that said “Somebody has to talk to humans. Who’s gonna do it?” “I’m not gonna do it.”, “I’m not gonna do it”, “Who’s gonna do it?”, “I don’t wanna touch them.” “


Gabor Mate Interview On The Tim Ferriss Show

I love this guy ! (Actually both, but now the emphasis is on the interviewee… 🙂 )

This interview was recommended to me by Meda a few months ago and now was the perfect moment to watch it.

He calls himself a “people whisperer”, practices Inner Engineering by Sadhguru, had had and organizes retreats with Ayahuasca, had a tremulous life, fought personal addictions and  is a leading expert in depression and addictions.

Guys, meet Gabor Maté!