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Zero Limits – Another AHA!Moment :)

Some insights on the book “Zero Limits”, written by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD:

The key healing phrases:
I love you!
I’m sorry!
Please forgive me!
Thank you!

Zero Limits Basic Principles

1. You don’t have a clue what is going on.
It is impossible to be aware of everything happening in and around you, consciously or unconsciously. Your body and mind are regulating themselves right now, without you being aware of it. And numerous invisible signals are in the air, from radio waves to thought forms, which you have no conscious sense of at all. You are indeed co-creating your own reality right now, but it is happening unconsciously, without your conscious knowledge or control. This is why you can think positive thoughts all you like and still be broke. Your conscious mind isn’t the creator.
2. You don’t have control over everything.
Obviously, if you don’t know everything that is happening, you can’t control it all. It’s an ego trip to think you can make the world do your bidding. Since your ego can’t see much of what is going on in the world right now, letting your ego decide what is best for you isn’t wise. You have choice, but you don’t have control. You can use your conscious mind to begin to choose what you would prefer to experience, but you have to let go of whether you manifest it or not, or how, or when. Surrender is key.
3. You can heal whatever comes your way.
Whatever appears in your life, no matter how it got there, is up for healing simply because it’s now on your radar. The assumption here is that if you can feel it, you can heal it. If you can see it in someone else, and it bothers you, then it’s up for healing. (…) You may have no idea why it’s in your life or how it got there, but you can let it go because you’re now aware of it. The more you heal what comes up, the clearer you are to manifest what you prefer, because you will be freeing stuck energy to use for other matters.
4. You are 100 percent responsible for all you experience.
What happens in your life is not your fault, but it is your responsibility. The concept of personal responsibility goes beyond what you say, do, and think. It includes what others say, do, and think that shows up in your life. If you take complete responsibility for all that appears in your life, then it is your problem, too. This ties to principle three, which states you can heal whatever comes your way. In short, you can’t blame anyone or anything for your current reality. All you can do is take responsibility for it, which means accept it, own it, and love it. The more you heal what comes up, the more you get in tune with the source.
5. The ticket to zero limits is saying the phrase “I love you.
The pass that gets you peace beyond all understanding, from healing to manifestation, is the simple phrase “I love you.” Saying it to the Divine cleans everything in you so you can experience the miracle of this moment: zero limits. The idea is to love everything. Love the extra fat, the addiction, the problem child or neighbor or spouse; love it all. Love transmutes the stuck energy and frees it. Saying “I love you” is the open sesame to experience the Divine.
6. Inspiration is more important than intention.
Intention is a toy of the mind, inspiration is a directive from the Divine. At some point you’ll surrender and start listening, rather than begging and waiting. Intention is trying to control life based on the limited view of the ego; inspiration is receiving a message from the Divine and then acting on it. Intention works and brings results; inspiration works and brings miracles. Which do you prefer?


“I love you.” When Soul experience memories replaying problems, say to them mentally or silently “I love you, dear memories, I am grateful for the opportunity to free al of you and me.” “I love you” can be repeated quietly again and again. Memories never go on vacation or retire unless you retire them. “I love you” can be used even if you are not conscious of problems. For example, it can be applied before engaging in any activity such as making or answering  a telephone call or before getting into your car to go somewhere.

The Divine sends a message down from above, unto your mind. But if memories are playing – which they almost always are – you won’t hear the inspiration, let alone act on it. As a result, Divinity doesn’t get a word in. You’re too busy with the noise going on in your head to hear it.

If God told you what to do, you’d do it and be happy. Well, what you are doing is what God wants you to do.

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes.

                                                                                                        Carl Jung

As I awaken me, I awaken you.

                                                                                                         Joe Vitale

The Little Gold Book of YES!Attitude

This week I’ve found out by myself what my relatives told me related to reading books in the communist era. Then reading was something special because the most valuable and helpful ones were either hard to find, either banned…or in the worst case, both. When you got a meaningful book into your hands, you just couldn’t let go of  it until you’ve finished it.

This happened to me with The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer…To give you just  a glimpse of what happened, I will only say that I was reading it in the same time as my boss did, without him knowing it.:) 

What’s so special about it? Let me share with you what I consider to be the most meaningful quotes…but you should really put your hands on this book…

Find role-models, not road-blocks!

People who are confident and positive ask themselves, ‘How good am I at that?’ and seek to improve.

When babies smile, they light up an entire room and make everybody else smile with them.

Find that thing that makes “sleep” seem like a waste of time…and do that.

Positive things and YES things that BUST attitude busters:

-looking at “material” things as “replaceable” things
-random acts of kindness
-helping others without expectation
-hanging arround successful people
-something that you do with passion
-talking with a child (…)

YES!Attitude attributes:

-I wake up happy
-I think YES! first
-I smile
-I am kind to others.
-I have deep self-belief
-I am self-confident
-I take responsibility for may actions.
-I motivate and inspire myself
-I affirm myself
-I have great spirit
-I think possitive at work and at home
-I laugh a lot
-I Find humor in all things
-I read possitive things
-I’m in a consistent “good mood”
-I desire to be the best.
-I love what I do
-I am happy on the inside
-I encourage and compliment others
-I look for the good in every situation
-People like me
-People are attracted to me.

There is much more interesting stuff…more from this book…and more from my boss’s library 😉


Conversatii cu Dumnezeu…


Intr-o zi, daca ai foarte mult curaj, vei trai experienta unei lumi unde a face dragoste este considerat un lucru mai bun decat a face razboi.

Majoritatea oamenilor intra intr-o relatie, gandindu-se mai degraba la ceea ce pot sa obtina din ea, decat la ceea ce aduc ei in ea, Scopul unei relatii este de a decide ce parte din tine ai vrea “sa se arate”, nu ce parte din celalalt ai putea sa capturezi sau sa pastrezi.

Totusi scopul unei relatii nu este de a avea o alta persoana care sa te desavarseasca, ci de a avea pe cineva cu care sa impartasesti desavarsirea ta. In asta consta paradoxul relatiilor umane: tu nu ai nevoie de o anumita persoana pentru ca tu sa traiesti pe deplin experienta lui Cine Esti si… fara o alta persoana, tu nu esti un nimic. Acestea sunt atat misterul, cat si minunea  – atat frustrarea, cat si bucuria experientei umane.

Ce ar face dragostea acum?

Intr-o zi, o mamica a intrat in bucatarie si si-a gasit fetita la masa, cu o multime de creioane colorate in jurul ei, foarte concentrata asupra unui tablou pe care-l desena. “Ce desenezi tu acolo?”, a intrebat mamica. “E chipul lui Dumnezeu, mamico”, a raspuns fetita cea frumoasa, iar ochii ii straluceau. “Scumpa mea, e foarte dragut, dar, vezi tu, nimeni nu stie cu adevarat cum arata Dumnezeu.” “Asa este”, a ciripit fetita, “dar daca m-ai lasa sa-l termin…”

In cazul unor intrebari despre viata, misterul este mult prea mare ca sa-l puteti rezolva voi. De ce sa nu priviti acest mister ca pe ceva sacru? Si de ce sa nu permiteti sacrului sa ramana sacru si sa-l lasati in pace?

                               fragmente din Conversatii cu Dumnezeu I de Walsch Neale Donald

The Global Consciousness Project

Am dat recent peste un articol din revista Descopera legat de proiectul constiintei globale…Peste tot auzim zi de zi cum gandurile noastre pot influenta ceea ce ni se va intampla…Ei bine, in articolul acesta apare o perspectiva stiintifica a fortei gandirii … unii chiar au timp si bani sa faca studii pe chestia asta…vedeti si voi ce a iesit 😉

Si am mai dat de ceva…un nene, Alain de Botton la , vorbeste fainutz despre ce ni se intampla la ora aceasta in societate…despre snobism, individualism…le-a zis bine…

A continuous search for food for thought…. ;)) See ya….

Sacralizarea activitatii…

Cristofor, magul din Carpati


Citesc acum “Cristofor, magul din Carpati” de Aryana Havah…si sunt unele lucruri atat de simple care ne-ar putea infrumuseta viata…atat de multe sfaturi de bun simt…si atat de multa liniste… Mi-a ramas in minte “sacralizarea activitatii”…de ce nu?

De aceeasi autoare, am mai dat de o carte la care duc toate drumurile, si anume “Inuaki: Reptilianul din mine“. …pentru partea esoterica din mine 🙂

Descoperindu-l pe Eckhart Tolle


Aseara am dat peste niste informatii ce nu-mi erau intru totul necunoscute. Ma fascineaza partea spirituala, ca sa nu-i zic esoterica, a psihologiei. Limitele mintii umane sau chiar lipsa acestora.

Vreau sa va arat in continuare insa cateva citate ce in mine au starnit ecouri si liniste interioara totodata. Este vorba de Eckhart Tolle iar citatele sunt preluate de pe Blogul lui Oreste. Daca va plac, gasiti aici mai multe despre el, materiale video si cartile lui in format electronic. Pe langa acestea, blogul este o sursa, zic eu, semnificativa de informatii mai altfel. Si ma voi opri deocamdata aici…nu inainte insa de a va imbratisa si oferi si site-ul in limba romana dedicat lui Eckhart Tolle. De abia astept sa-i savurez cartile…

Putem percepe o liniste interioara alerta, in profunzime, in timp ce lucrurile se petrec la suprafata. Aceasta este nelimitatul. Aceasta este adevarata inteligenta.

Un nou rai si un nou pamant se ridica in fiecare din noi,…chiar in acest moment! Asa ca a va trezi la scopul adevarat al vietii voastre nu este,… sa incercati sa cautati ceva de obtinut in viitor si sa asteptati implinirea de sine,… acolo – ci sa va asezati in acest moment – in prezent – lasand astfel egoul sa se dizolve! Scopul simtirii si trairii constiente a vietii interioare – este primordial, si acest scop este sa va treziti si sa fiti constienti de nemarginirea care sunteti! Asa ca, …starea aceasta de constiinta treaza, nelimitata, trebuie sa o puneti in toate lucrurile pe care le faceti, astfel incat ea sa fie pe primul loc,… si intotdeauna factorul primordial!

 Pentru ca este o deschidere spre dimensiunea verticala, care nu are nici-o limita – prezentul nu este niciodata limitat, sau incarcat cu probleme. Problemele au nevoie pentru a supravietui de timp, adica de trecut si viitor.

Pentru a gasi poarta, trebuie doar SA TE OPRESTI odata din scormonirea nesfarsita a trecutului si viitorului povestii care este viata ta. Acolo sunt carti,… povestiri si tu le-ai rumegat tot timpul. Asa ca abandoneaza-ti povestea. Nu este ceea ce esti tu cu adevarat. De obicei, oamenii traiesc purtand toata viata cu ei o povara, care este trecutul si viitorul lor, o greutate – istoria lor personala, intotdeauna nefericita – si fac asta pentru ca spera ca ii va face candva, sa se simta mai impliniti in viitor. Dar asta nu se va intampla niciodata, asa ca renunta la aceasta continua cautare! Opreste-te – nu mai cauta nimic! Abandoneaza aceasta cautare! E fara rost!

Nu poti rezolva problemele pe care le ai prin gandirea indarjita, doar creezi probleme.. prin… gandire. Solutia apare numai atunci cand te opresti din a gandi si devii linistit si absolut prezent, fie si numai pentru un moment. Apoi, un pic mai tarziu, cand gandul se intoarce, deodata ai o inspiratie, care nu exista inainte.

 Da drumul la gandirea excesiva si vei vedea cum totul se va schimba miraculos! Relatiile ti se vor schimba, pentru ca nu mai astepti si nu mai ceri ca cealalta persoana sa faca ceva pentru tine, sa iti dea ceva, spre a-ti intari si creste egoul. Nu te mai compara cu ceilati si nu mai incerca sa fii mai mult decat ei (si toate astea numai pentru a-ti intari egoul). Lasa-i pe toti sa fie asa cum sunt! Nu este nevoie sa-i schimbi! Nu trebuie sa-i faci sa se poarte altfel, numai ca sa fii tu fericit!

 Cand sunt singur, cea mai adanca bucurie este sa fiu NIMENI!

Nu ma mai identific extern cu nimic. Ma duc simplu in liniste, cat mai adanc. Locul pe care-l iubesc cel mai mult este LINISTEA Nu pierd linistea cand vorbesc, deoarece cuvintele rasar atunci chiar din liniste. Cand oamenii ma lasa singur, nu mai ramane decat PACEA. Si asta imi place foarte mult!