Schumann Resonance

schumann resonance

There was a spike in amplitude for the Schumann Resonance today which reached up to 170 Hz, possibly the highest until now.

I wanted to know more, so I’ve found this short video that made it more clear for me. SR is kind of Earth’s pulse to which the human being also tunes into.

I’m waiting for to solve their technical issues in order to double-check the data for today.

It’s a fact that the Schumann Resonance connects to our brain’s alpha and theta states. Moreover, scientists theorize this is the reason for many of our perceptions of life’s events.

There is even a theory that Schumann Resonance spikes may be a sign of an evolving human consciousness. (see Global Consciousness Project and HearthMath Institute )

By understanding Schumann Resonance and our species, we may effectively take advantage of our harmony with the Earth. As our consciousness connects with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, we may discover new ways to enhance this connection.



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