Noble Silence


Don’t defend yourself. When you try to defend yourself you are giving too much importance to the words of others and give more strength to their opinions. If you agree not to defend yourself, you are showing that the opinions of others do not affect you, that you “listen”. Which are simply opinions and you don’t have to convince others to be happy. Your inner silence makes you peaceful. Practice the art of not speaking. Gradually you will develop the art of speaking without speaking and your true inner nature will replace your artificial personality letting the light of your heart and the power of wisdom give off the “noble silence”. Respect the lives of others and everything that exists in the world. Don’t try to force, manipulate and control others. Become your teacher and let others be what they are or what they have the ability to be. Put yourself in the silence and harmony of the entire universe …

🌹 Thich Nhat Hanh

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