Sacred Vine of Spirits


Mainstream religion is a defense mechanism against religious experience. Most religion is Spirit co-opted and made safe by ego for ego. No real sacrifice or transformation is required.


Under so-called normal conditions, my ego shoulders Spirit out of the way and claims all territories as its own.


Part of my mother’s purpose of incarnation was to provide me with the qualities I needed to unfold my purpose. I could sense how her qualities contributed to the interweaving with my father’s and my essence to bring me to where I have come on my path.


There may be a profound and mysterious shift occurring in the balance of life on this planet. The dominant and dominating role of the human in relation to the natural world has brought about unparalleled ecological disasters, degradation of habitats, and loss of species. Could it be that the profound consciousness-raising and compassion-deepening effects of the visionary plant brews and tinctures are signaling an evolutionary initiative coming from other, nonhuman, intelligences on this planet? Instead of the usual attitude of arrogant and exploitative superiority, those who have experienced ayahuasca and other entheogens are more likely to find themselves humbled and awed by the mysterious powers of nature, and strive to live in a simpler way that minimizes environmental harm and celebrates the astonishing diversity and beauty of life.

Source: Ralph Metzner – Sacred Vine of Spirits: Ayahuasca, pdf


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