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robert adams

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Yesterday I had a great talk with a “brother in arms”, sort of speak. There are not many people to whom I can talk freely about my spiritual pursues. So, when you find a person who is nuts like you (or more), you cherish them and give them a big hug. 

Talking about Ramana Maharshi and the powerful energy he felt in Tiruvannamalai and Arunachala Hill in january, he also mentioned Robert Adams. When Ramana and Robert Adams met, they kind of recognized the same spirit in each other, no words needed. 

This guy’s name keeps coming in my experience. So now I want to know more. None of his  books  are translated in romanian. 😦 But, “when there’s a will, there’s a way”, they say.

Here’s an excerpt:

You are the one with the answers, yet you keep reacting to life outside of yourself. You keep allowing the world to show you how you should feel. If the world shows you something nice and good you become happy. If it shows you something that is not nice or good you become miserable. Depending on your upbringing, what you believe is good, what you believe is bad. But yet nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. It is your mind that dictates to you and tells you that this is good or this is bad. It is your mind that tells you that this is right and this is wrong. Where did you mind get this knowledge? From experience. But is experience the truth? No. The experience is not the truth, it’s just your training, how you grew up. If you want to make this world a better world in which to live look within yourself and inquire, “Who lives? Who’s world is this? To whom does this world belong?” Some of you are saying to yourself, “It belongs to God.” How can it belong to God if you don’t even know what God is? The word God is just a word that you’ve been trained to say. You picked up the word in your church, in your synagogue, in your mosque, in your temple, God. People kill for God, rape for God, murder for God, do all these dastardly things in the name of God, their God. My God is better than your God.

It’s like a world full of kindergartners, fighting with each other, killing each other, murdering each other. Trying to achieve success for ourselves or we step on somebody else. We’re filled with fears, frustrations, most of us become psychopaths and we think we’re living. You’re not living until you know who you are, until you find out what you are. What you are doing now is vegetating. Most of us are not satisfied with our lives and we try to improve our lives and what do we do we try to improve everything external to ourselves and this can never be done. We try to change our environment, meet certain people, do certain things and we think this will make us happy. But it only lasts for a short time doesn’t it? And you’re back to what you were before. This world can never make you happy, it’s impossible. It may appear to make you happy for a while because you’re gaining something that you want. But it will only last a short time. True happy … true happiness comes from nothing. When your happiness arises from nothingness then you’re really happy, because nothing made you happy and nothing can take it away. If something makes you happy then if something take it away you will be miserable. But if you learn to achieve happiness from nothing this is everlasting.

It will never leave you because there is nothing to change. The same is true for peace of mind. If you want peace of mind stop reacting to life’s situations. Turn within to yourself. Nothing can keep you back from knowing yourself except you. Know yourself!

🌷 Robert Adams, T225:
Who Were You Before You Were Born?

Not bad, isn’t it? 

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