Something within me calmed down. Perhaps became wiser. Made peace with the fact that love never really has any guarantees. Anyone can die at any moment. The only thing that we always have in this life, in my opinion, is to surrender to the love that exists beyond fear.


The theme for tonight is love.

And for tomorrow night as well.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know of any

better subject for us to discuss until we all die.



Pleasure is the holiest thing in the world.


I don’t know and I’m alright with not knowing everything.


“But is there love in the world, my dear Athaliah?” asked Ishtar. “Tell me what the Goddess sees.”

“No,” answered the young kedesha, closing her eyes. “There is no love in the world, there is no love in the world! The world itself, the very world itself is love! Your flesh is made of love, your hearts are made of love. I am love. I am a fornicator of love. Bring me your wounded hearts and I will heal them with the potion of love that I possess. My kisses are love and my bites are love. My breasts are dripping with the milk of love, my temple is oozing with the juice of love, dissolving all pain, and my excrement is the excrement of love. Just allow me, and I will dissolve your blind hearts and then rebirth them anew from my womb. I will create a pure heart within you, a heart of love.”

Source: Ohad Pele Ezrahi – Kedesha: A Timeless Tale of a Love Priestess

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