Brave is the Man Who Loves a Wild Woman


We all long for that magnificant moment when you meet that amazing person who is brave enough to Love you just as you are.

Whenever that excuisite in-sync moment arrives —you will ‘know’. When you meet your Beloved and find out that this person dares to fully Love you to your bones, you will be grateful that it never worked out with anyone else.

While you may have deep emotions, a Wild and unpredictable personality, it’s almost impossible to not Love a passionate, extraordinairy and endlessly inspiring woman like you. Most just have no idea what to do or how to truly meet a woman that has depths and a radiant Spirit like you have.

A woman who is not afraid to admit it when she is wrong and always rises after she falls.. It doesn’t matter how deep you fell.. each time you will find the strenght to get up and stand even stronger as ever before. There is nothing you can’t overcome. You know how to re-connect yourself with your deepest calling, which is bigger then any life experience.

You walk with bare feet on Mother Earth and let the juices of nature feed your life energy. You know how to work with the forces of Nature and you never ignore this Sacred connection. You are a daughter of the Earth and the Moon.

You have always known that you are meant for only deep and profound Love, for you it’s the only way to surrender yourself.

So when you stumble upon the brave awakened man who just can’t seem to get enough of you and who is able to fully endure your intensity, you will instantly know that this is the man that possesses the courage that every other Lover you had before lacked.

-Tara Isis Gerris

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