Power vs Force

This book is incredible. I’ve first heard about David Hawkins’ book- Power vs Force from Wayne Dyer almost a year ago. I drew this table then, and now I had the chance to read all the book. It is one of those books that can change your life.

To see a 3 page resume of it, please click here.

Each of us has a different life perspective according to his level of consciousness. I want to show you one extrass from the book, a simple example given by the author of how this levels “work” and change the perspectives upon everything that surrounds us. Here it goes…

Imagine a “bum” on a street corner:

In a fashionable neighbourhood in a big city stands an old man in tattered clothes, alone, leaning against the corner of an elegant brownstone. Look at him from the perspective of various levels of consciousness and note the differences in how he appears.

From the bottom of the scale at a level of 20, the level of Shame, the bum is dirty, disgusting, disgraceful. From level 30 (Guilt) he would be blamed for his condition. He deserves what he gets; he’s probably a lazy welfare cheat. At 50 (Hopelessness) his plight would appear desperate, damming evidence that society can’t do anything about homelessness. At 75 (Grief) the old man looks tragic, friendless and forlorn.

At a consciousness level of 100 (Fear) we might see him as threatening, a social menace. Perhaps we should call the police before he commits some crime. At 125 (Desire) he might represent a frustrating problem – why doesn’t somebody do something? At 150 (Anger) the old man might look like he could be violent, or, on the other hand, one could be furious that such conditions exist. At 175 (Pride) he could be seen as an embarassment or as lacking the self respect to better himself. At 200 (Courage) we might be motivated to wonder if there is a local homeless shelter; all he needs is a job and a place to live.

At 250 (Neutrality) the bum looks okay, maybe even interesting. “Live and let live”, we might say, after all, he’s not hurting anyone. At 310 (Willingness) we might decide to go down and see what we can do to cheer up that fellow on the corner, or volunteer some time at the local mission. At 350 (Acceptance) the man on the corner appears intriguing. He probably has an interesting story to tell; he’s where he is for reasons we may never understand. At 400 (Reason) he is a symptom of the current economic and social malaise, or perhaps a good subject for in-depth psychological study.

At the higher levels, the old man begins to look not only interesting, but friendly, then lovable. Perhaps we would then be able to see that he was, in fact, one who had transcended social limits and gone free, a joyful old guy with the wisdom of age in his face and the serenity that comes from indifference to material things. At 500 (Peace) he is revealed as one’s own self in temporary expression.

When approached, the bum’s response to these different levels of consciousness would vary with them. With some he would feel secure, with others, frightened or dejected. Some would make him angry, others delighted. Some he would therefore avoid, others greet with pleasure. (Thus is it said that we meet what we mirror.)

The next book in line is The Eye of The I…It is said that by simply reading these high caliber books , they change you. It’s a wonderfull feeling…

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