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Let me show you the email I’ve received a few days ago. It leads to some powerfull resources related to financial education, all for FREE. Robert Kiyosaki is well-known for his books “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” , “The Cashflow Quadrant” and the latest, “Conspiracy of the Rich” (which was available online while the author was writting it)  . Having a bachelor in Business Administration I was and stil am interested in his personal development resources. This is why I consider that this free access to a 800$-worth financial education pack from him is not to be neglected. I’ve registered and gained access to webinars , articles, tools, Rich Dad Poor Dad audio book and many other things that I’m discovering right now .

After claiming your free access by clicking on the bottom of this page,  you simply go to and login using the email address and password you entered when you registered.

Feel free to discover and enjoy this,

                                                                       Adriana Oltean, future business-lady 😉

Over 60,000 Members Have Joined Free – Why Haven’t You?

A while back, I offered you an opportunity to join the beta release of my new Rich Dad World at no charge to thank you for helping make my newest book, Conspiracy of the Rich a resounding success. I created this site to give my readers access to the Rich Dad PowerPack — $800-worth of my most powerful programs to help you take the next step in your financial education and investing success.The response has been overwhelming!

 Over 60,000 people, from over 170 countries have joined Rich Dad World in the few weeks since we launched the Beta phase! I’ve received countless messages from people who are applying what they learned in Conspiracy of the Rich and are changing their lives forever by simply taking action for themselves.The Rich Dad World site is now officially launched, and it has grown to a global movement. Due to the large demand and amazing results we’ve seen, I’m extending this invitation for Conspiracy readers to join the site absolutely FREE. Don’t miss out on the Rich Dad

World movement that is helping tens of thousands of people improve their lives. Claim your free access today.

Thank you,

Robert Kiyosaki

P.S. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the Rich Dad World movement. Click here to get your free access today.

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