The Little Gold Book of YES!Attitude

This week I’ve found out by myself what my relatives told me related to reading books in the communist era. Then reading was something special because the most valuable and helpful ones were either hard to find, either banned…or in the worst case, both. When you got a meaningful book into your hands, you just couldn’t let go of  it until you’ve finished it.

This happened to me with The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer…To give you just  a glimpse of what happened, I will only say that I was reading it in the same time as my boss did, without him knowing it.:) 

What’s so special about it? Let me share with you what I consider to be the most meaningful quotes…but you should really put your hands on this book…

Find role-models, not road-blocks!

People who are confident and positive ask themselves, ‘How good am I at that?’ and seek to improve.

When babies smile, they light up an entire room and make everybody else smile with them.

Find that thing that makes “sleep” seem like a waste of time…and do that.

Positive things and YES things that BUST attitude busters:

-looking at “material” things as “replaceable” things
-random acts of kindness
-helping others without expectation
-hanging arround successful people
-something that you do with passion
-talking with a child (…)

YES!Attitude attributes:

-I wake up happy
-I think YES! first
-I smile
-I am kind to others.
-I have deep self-belief
-I am self-confident
-I take responsibility for may actions.
-I motivate and inspire myself
-I affirm myself
-I have great spirit
-I think possitive at work and at home
-I laugh a lot
-I Find humor in all things
-I read possitive things
-I’m in a consistent “good mood”
-I desire to be the best.
-I love what I do
-I am happy on the inside
-I encourage and compliment others
-I look for the good in every situation
-People like me
-People are attracted to me.

There is much more interesting stuff…more from this book…and more from my boss’s library 😉


5 thoughts on “The Little Gold Book of YES!Attitude”

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  2. Sooooooo awesome submit, i love some words so much and can i quote a couple of of them on my blog? I also have e-mailed you relating to could it be feasible for us to exchange our links, hope talking with you soon.

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