Redescoperindu-l pe KRISHNAMURTI…

Cuvinte cu iesire la mare…
  • Viata este un extraordinar mister – nu misterul pe care îl întâlnim în carti, nu misterul despre care oamenii vorbesc, ci misterul pe care fiecare trebuie sa îl descopere pentru sine; de aceea este asa de important sa întelegi putinul si maruntul si pe urma sa întelegi si dincolo de acestea.
  • Toti vrem sa fim oameni faimosi si recunoscuti; din momentul in care vrem sa fim cineva nu vom fi niciodata liberi.
  • Trebuie sa intelegi semnificatia intregii vieti, nu doar o mica parte din ea. Din acest motiv este necesar sa citesti, din acest motiv trebuie sa te uiti la cer, din acest motiv trebuie sa canti si sa dansezi, sa scrii poeme, sa suferi si sa intelegi, toate acestea la un loc inseamna viata.
  • Ideile nu transforma oamenii. Ceea ce aduce transformare este tocmai libertatea fata de idei.
  • Pamantul este plin de sunete. Si noi cautam linistea.
  • Fara a te elibera de trecut nu va fi posibila nicio libertate pentru ca mintea nu va fi deloc proaspata, inocenta si noua.
  • Simplitatea spiritului este lucrul cel mai mare si mai greu de dobandit; pentru a fi simplu trebuie sa fi trecut prin mari experiente.
  • The story of mankind is in you, the vast experience, the deep-rooted fears, anxieties, sorrow, pleasure and all the beliefs that man has accumulated throughout the millenia. You are that book. It is not printed by any publisher; it is not for sale. You can’t go to any analyst because his book is the same as yours. And without reading that book carefully, patiently, hesitantly, you will never be able to change the society in which we live, the society that is corrupt, immoral. There is a great deal of poverty, injustice, and so on. Any serious man would be concerned with this things as they are in this word at present, with all the chaos, corruption, war – the greatest crime is the war. In order to bring about a radical change in our society and its structure, one must be able to read this book which is oneself, and the society in which we live is brought about by each one of us, by our parents, granparents, and so on. All human beings have created this society, and when the society is not changed there will be more corruption, more wars and more destruction of the human mind. So, to read this book that is oneself, one must have the art of listening to what the book is saying. To listen implies not to interpret what the book is saying. Just observe it as you would observe a cloud. You can’t do anything about the cloud, or the palm leaves swaying in the wind, or the beauty of the sunset; you can’t alter it. So one must have the art of listening to what the book is saying. The book is you; it will reveal everything.

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