GANDESTE BINE si in STIL MARE in afaceri si viata!!!!

Think Big

Don’t limit yourself. In other words, think BIG. Thinking small when you can be thinking big is definitely limiting your potential. People are capable of doing great things, but not if they don’t envision great things being done. You don’t have to waste time working your way up to the top when you can start there in your mind.

I remember the old saying “It’s lonely at the top.” I don’t agree. It was probably said by someone who didn’t want any competition. I’m secure enough in my success to welcome competition, so I don’t mind telling you that being at the top is a great feeling. Thinking big can get you there.

Here’s how. We all start with small steps. The point is to get us up to the big steps we’re all capable of taking. Would you be satisfied taking baby steps throughout your childhood? Would you be thrilled to be crawling when everyone else is already walking? I don’t think so. We start small, but we move on. People like challenges. It’s our nature. Keep in sync with that basic premise and you will begin moving forward with the momentum necessary for great achievement. Know that it is a natural progression, not some wild scheme from out of nowhere.

We have to learn to walk before we can start sprinting. But that’s no reason not to contemplate sprinting even from day one. Apply that to your thoughts, and understand how your mind reveals the future to you. Do you have big plans or small plans? If all you can see on your agenda are small plans, ask yourself why. Then begin to expand your horizons. Sometimes we have to recognize our own smallness of mind before we can do anything about it.

Another way to move forward in a big way is to concentrate on managing your future, not your past. I’ve seen a lot of people waste a lot of time by dwelling on the past. Learn from the past, but don’t stay there. You have to keep the momentum going; keep moving forward, not backwards. Don’t focus on the problem when you should be looking at the solution.

Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. Easy for him to say, you might think. What he meant, though, was that without imagination and the ability to visualize possibilities, what would be the point of great knowledge? Knowledge is power, unless you choose not to use it. Knowledge is also the foundation of many great enterprises. Put imagination and knowledge together and in no time you’ll have something plenty big in your think big tank.

Take the time to think, but don’t risk wasting your time. Think Big.

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