Starfish Story


In an early morning, a man was walking down a sandy beach. The previous night a big storm stroke and huge waves swept the sandy beach. The air was still moist and vapors were now rising from the unusual calm sea. The beach was now scattered an incredible amount of little yellow starfish the storm washed to the shore in the previous night. As the man walked down the beach he saw a little kid running back and forth to the point where the waves hit the beach carrying starfish of the beach into the sea.
When the man came closer, he asked the little kid: “Hey what are you doing? Don’t you realize that you can’t save all these starfish, it doesn’t matter how fast you are, they will die eventually on the sand of this beach. It won’t make any difference …”
The little kid, looked in the eyes of the man, walked towards the next starfish lying in the sand, picked it up and said “It will make a difference for this one!” and throwed it back into the sea.

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