New start


By a divine heart, I mean a heart which is unconditionally in love — not with somebody in particular, but just in love with anything, any person, anybody whatsoever. Love becomes your climate; not a relationship. A relationship can grow in it, but you have to make it more a climate rather than a relationship.
Ordinarily love is a relationship, and when love is a relationship you breathe only towards a certain person. You breathe him or her, but the passage is very narrow. The universe is so vast and love gives so much; why make it so narrow? Let it expand and be unconditional, because whenever there is a condition, love becomes ruined. When it is unconditional. it becomes divine.
And love is never satisfied unless it becomes divine because that is the deepest urge in every human being: to be so full of love that whatsoever the condition, the love goes on showering.
So from this moment, remember it. You will forget many times, but again remember. And don’t move indifferently. Indifference kills love more than hatred. Hatred is love inverted, but indifference is absolute negation.

“Heaven is here — just you have to know how to live it.
And hell too is here, and you know perfectly well how to live it.
It is only a question of changing your perspective, your approach towards life. “

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