Nassim Haramein – Quantum Revolution Ep.1

quantum revolution

Gain a new perspective of how the universe works from the subatomic to the cosmological and how we are all connected to everything.

Gaia is proud to present a comprehensive series from Nassim Haramein who offers a quantum revolution to the way we think about the universe, quantum mechanics, consciousness, and our spiritual connection.

The mathematical models we have been given to describe the universe do not work. They are fraught with errors and fudge factors, trying to make sense of what is observed but not well understood. Perhaps the biggest problem is the disconnect between all of the sciences. What Nassim Haramein has discovered gives us the unified field theory to reconcile the biggest discrepancies in our scientific understanding and bridges ancient spirituality with cutting edge physics.

(The link below is available for 3 days.)

Science of a Unified Universe



Tantra – dimensiunea sacra a erotismului II


E relativ usor sa abandonam conceptele mondene, insa e mult mai greu sa abandonam conceptele filozofice si religioase. Ne declaram cu mandrie atei, credinciosi, budisti, crestini, musulmani, hindusi, tantrici. Divinul nu poate fi cunoscut astfel. Ce deosebire este intre un ateu si un credincios? Niciuna. Sunt cele doua fete ale aceleiasi monede. Nu e vorba de a crede sau a nu crede, e vorba de a comunica cu natura mintii tale. Nu e nevoie de nicio credinta. E la fel ca si cum ai plonja intr-un lac. Mult prea des preferam sa ne agatam conceptual de floarea invataturilor si, fara sa ne dam seama, ne construim o armura impotriva divinului. Invataturile cele mai subtile trebuie abandonate pe drum. Curajul unui tantrika este acela de a parasi invataturile odata ce le-a asimilat. Nici macar tratatele tantra nu valoreaza mai mult decat o piele de sarpe lepadata pe pietre. Cand suntem in continua transformare, vine o zi cand Constiinta nu se mai ataseaza de nimic. Atunci se produce trezirea. Doar un abandon total al mintii ne poate aduce deschiderea spre divin. Continue reading Tantra – dimensiunea sacra a erotismului II

Tantra – dimensiunea sacra a erotismului I


In tantrism nu exista templu, Dumnezeu, dogme, credinte, nu exista decat un enorm cordon ombilical care conecteaza fiecare fiinta si fiecare lucru cu divinul. A cunoaste trezirea inseamna a trai aceasta intelegere in totalitatea ei, chiar si numai pentru o clipa. Continue reading Tantra – dimensiunea sacra a erotismului I

24 Quotes of Carlos Ruiz Zafon


This is a tribute to one of my favorite writers who recently went onto a new adventure.

Let us remember him through his books.

These are 24 quotes from his work.


“Our body begins to destroy itself from the moment it is born. We are fragile. We’re creatures of passage. All that is left of us are our actions, the good or the evil we do to our fellow humans.” Continue reading 24 Quotes of Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Secret of the Soul


Another intriguing book about astral travel and out-of body-experiences by William Buhlman. This book is written with the aid of the research and questionnaires he did among his readers after his first book.


All matter is frozen light. (David Bohm) Continue reading The Secret of the Soul

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