Adventures Beyond The Body


This is a great book. It gives a lot of techniques and advice for astral travel and out-of-body-experiences (OBEs). William Buhlman appeared in a documentary about Robert Monroe starting his lab and the Monroe Institute. He was one of the researchers helping Bob and I resonated with him.

It’s been long since I took notes from a book and started practicing from it right away like with this one. But it really fascinates me. It’s a natural capacity that we have to experience the complex universe of consciousness.

Wish me luck and join me if you feel like it 😉


The only reality to me was the objects or beings that were vibrating close to my new personal frequency rate. Reality is relative to the vibrational density of the observer.


1.Reality is relative. Experienced reality is relative to the energy frequency of the observer. We experience the energy frequencies closest to our personal density or vibratory rate.

2.Consciousness is a form of nonphysical energy extending its influence into matter through the use of biological vehicles.

3.All biological life-forms (including plant and animal life) are temporary cellular vehicles used by conscious energy (consciousness) for expression in a dense environment.

4.Our current perception that consciousness is within the physical body is incorrect. Consciousness exists at a much higher frequency or wavelength than matter and must interact with biological forms by the use of energy conduits or vehicles of form. These unseen energy vehicles transfer and step down the higher frequency of consciousness into the relatively dense physical body.

5.The biological brain is not the origin of consciousness. Instead, it functions as a temporary biological transfer-and-storage device for consciousness.

6.Consciousness is a continuum of nonphysical energy extending its awareness through multiple frequencies (dimensions) of the universe.



Continuum of Consciousness (Modes of perception)

1.Physical waking consciousness

2.Hypnogogic state/meditative states/creative visualization/hypnotic states/numerous altered states of consciousness


4.Lucid dreams

5.Spontaneous out-of-body experiences

6.Near-death experiences

7.Controlled out-of-body exploration within various nonphysical dimensions of the universe

8.Continues within the nonphysical dimensions of the universe into infinity.


“Sit down before fact like a small child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and whatever abyss nature lead, or you will learn nothing.” T.H. Huxley


“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” Schopenhauer


Basic Energy Mechanics

1.The nonphysical universe becomes progressively less dense in substance and increasingly thought-responsive as we explore away from matter and toward the source of energy.

2.As a form of creative energy, our thoughts have a natural tendency to interact with and mold the nonphysical environments we encounter. In general, the farther within the multidimensional universe we explore, the more rapid and pronounced this thought reaction is upon the energy environment.

3.Our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, will influence the nonphysical energy that we observe. The degree of influence is in direct proportion to the intensity of our thoughts and the density of our surroundings.

4.The reality perceived in a thought-responsive environment (nonconsensus or natural) is determined by the personal energy frequency (density) of the observer and the observer’s prevailing conscious and subconscious thoughts.


“Man’s mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimension.” Oliver Wendell Holmes


Source: William Buhlman – Adventures Beyond The Body

Myths to Live By III


What we all today surely recognize is that we are entering – one way or another – a new age, requiring a new wisdom: such a wisdom, furthermore, as belongs rather to experienced old age than to poetically fantasizing youth, and which every one of us, whether young or old, has now somehow to assimilate. Moreover, when we turn our thoughts to religion, the first and most obvious fact is that every one of the great traditions is today in profound disorder. What have been taught as their basic truths seem no longer to hold. Continue reading Myths to Live By III

Myths To Live By II


To become – in Jung’s terms – individuated, to live as a released individual, one has to know how and when to put on and to put off the masks of one’s various life roles. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” and when at home, do not keep on the mask of the role you play in the Senate chamber. But this, finally, is not easy, since some of the masks cut deep. They include judgment and moral values. They include one’s pride, ambition, and achievement. They include one’s infatuations. It is a common thing to be overly impressed by and attached to masks, either some mask of one’s own or the mana-masks of others. The work of individuation, however, demands that one should not be compulsively affected in this way. The aim of individuation requires that one should find and learn to live out of  one’s own center, in control of one’s for and against. And this cannot be achieved by enacting and responding to any general masquerade of fixed roles. For, as Jung has stated: “In the last analysis, every life is the realization of a whole, that is, of a self, for which reason this realization can be called ‘individuation’. All life is bound to individual carriers who realize it, and it is simply inconceivable without them. But every carrier is charged with an individual destiny and destination, and the realization of this alone makes sense of life.” Continue reading Myths To Live By II

Unified Science Program


I’ve just started the Unified Science Program by Nassim Haramein and his Resonance Foundation and I’m like a fascinated child rediscovering physics and how to learn for pleasure.

Nassim Haramein and his physics theories were one of the main reasons why I went to study at the Faculty of Physics some years ago. “Crossing the Event Horizon”, “Black Whole” and “The Connected Universe” made me see a holistic and challenging new perspective of physics. Nassim is kind of our contemporary Einstein.

I was looking for this kind of a course for some time and they’ve just put it online for free, available to everyone.
This kid is gone to play 🙂

The core Unified Science Course in the Resonance Academy is now free for all!

Delve into the vast body of information and source materials available to you at your own pace in an online course designed to provide a foundational understanding of the field of Unified Science with implications and applications to technology, your daily life and the world as a whole.

This comprehensive, self-paced multimedia course is packed with more than 30 years of physicist Nassim Haramein’s research and the latest findings from a diverse range of topics that cover the fundamentals of unified science, including:

– Core concepts of physics
– Unified field theory
– The holographic principle
– Consciousness studies and biophysics
– The underlying geometry of spacetime itself
– The historical roots of modern physics
– Current and emerging views in modern physics
– Science pioneers such as Einstein, Fuller, Tesla & Planck
– Nassim Haramein’s scientific journey of discovery
– The worldview shift that a unified view of science brings
– Ancient civilizations and humanity’s origins
– Future technological innovations
– Practical applications of unified science principals in your daily life

Create your free account and become member of the Resonance Science Foundation’s international community. You will gain unlimited open-access to this extensive 6-module Unified Science course!

Registration link:


Myths To Live By I


Frazer’s explanation of magic was that because things are associated in the mind they are believed to be associated in fact. Shake a rattle that sounds like falling rain, and rain will presently fall. Celebrate a ritual of sexual intercourse, and the fertility of nature will be furthered. An image in the likeness of an enemy, and given the enemy’s name, can be worked upon, stuck with pins, etc., and the enemy will die. Or a piece of his clothing, lock of hair, fingernail paring, or other element once in contact with his person can be treated with a like result. Frazer’s first law of magic, then, is that “like produces like,” an effect resembles its cause; and his second, that “things which once were in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance after the physical contact has been severed.” Frazer thought of both magic and religion as addressed finally and essentially to the control of external nature; magic mechanically, by imitative acts, and religion by prayer and sacrifice addressed to the personified powers supposed to control natural forces. He seems to have had no sense at all of their relevance and importance to the inward life, and so was confident that, with the progress and development of science and technology, both magic and religion would ultimately fade away, the ends that they had been thought to serve being better and more surely served by science. Continue reading Myths To Live By I



ScoalaPentruSuflet este un program de meditatie pe o perioada de 40 de zile sustinut de Ciprian si Ruxandra.

Recunosc, cand aparuse mi s-a parut mult prea scump pentru bugetul unui roman, d-apai pentru un anticar care investea la momentul acela predominant in carti. Dar imi facuse cu ochiul inca de la aparitie.

Am avut si un pic de scepticism pentru ca, nu-i asa, am citit mult pana acum si nu mai “intra” orice. Ma saturasem sa intalnesc mari coach si maestri care au citit doua carti si vorbesc numai din ele (si le stiu si eu:) ). Asta e altceva.

Acum, in vreme de restriste,  acesti doi omuleti au hotarat sa ajute si ei cum pot si sa faca programul ScoalaPentruSuflet gratuit pentru tot romanul. E mai fain si mai util sa faci din izolarea obligatorie un retreat de evolutie interioara. N-are cum sa ne strice o disciplina intr-ale meditatiei, ba din contra. 15 min dimineata si 15 min seara inainte de culcare schimba multe.

Eu il recomand cu tot dragul.

Descrierea programului si inscrierea gratuita sunt aici:


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